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IFS Broker Higher Level prolonged!

  By Willem van de Velde   |   No comments yet

We were incredibly proud, when we got our IFS Broker Higher Level certification approved last year. But after obtaining the certification, it is also important to continue this certification.

This means that areas of concern need to be improved, processes need to be followed up, but also that we need the cooperation of our suppliers in order to receive the correct data.

Of course, the logical consequence is that there will be an audit again in order to determine whether Willem van de Velde IFS Higher Level certification has remained worthy of certification.

This audit took place on the 8th of October 2018. We are now able to inform you that we have successfully completed this audit and have prolonged our IFS Broker Higher Level certificate, with a score of 99.39%

By extending the IFS Broker Higher level, we are ready for the future and ready to provide you as a (potential) customers with top quality products.

You’ll find our certificate after the click

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