100 % quality, 100% convenience

Mcp Mooij

For fish carpaccios, Foodproducts has just one address: MCP Mooij, located in Velsen-Noord. The company has specialized in carpaccios of salmon, tuna, scallops and herring and also produces accompanying dressings. The products by the company are known for their high quality. Thanks to the traditional production process of MCP Mooij, the structure of the fish remains intact and the taste of the carpaccios is unsurpassed.

MCP Mooij = fresh

The supplier of the exclusive fish products believes: “What is prepared with passion is eaten with passion”. The readymade products by MCP Mooij therefore do not contain any additives and the company does not work with so-called agglutinates. In addition, the logistics chain is as short (and as cold!) as possible. The salmon carpaccio is made from superior Norwegian salmon which is delivered directly from Norway and is processed on the day of arrival.

MCP Mooij = convenience

Foodproducts supplies the carpaccios by MCP Mooij in frozen form. Thanks to this method of supplying, the products are almost immediately ready for use and only require defrosting. Furthermore, the taste qualities are optimally retained. The frozen and readymade products also reduce the risk of cross contamination. The products by MCP Mooij offer excellent quality without a care. Of course, MCP Mooij is HACCP and EG certified.

Foodproducts mainly supplies the MCP Mooij products to (suppliers to) restaurants and hotel and catering companies. The products that we supply from this quality brand include:

  • salmon carpaccio
  • tuna carpaccio
  • salmon-halibut carpaccio
  • scallop carpaccio
  • herring carpaccio