First Quality - Quality First

Wijnen Meat

The Dutch company Wijnen Meat was founded in 1978 and is based in Oss since 1981. Over 25 years Wijnen Meat purchased the whole pig and deboned it. Since 2005 Wijnen Meat buys only specialised cuts of the pig.  Wijnen Meat specialises in the deboning of off-cuts and producing bacon.

Wijnen Meat = specialized

In addition to their bacon range  Wijnen Meat also produces, bellies, loin-ribs, pork fillets, belly fat edges, and fatproducts from the off-cuts. These are packed  either individually or in bulk, fresh or frozen prepared for delivery to the meat wholesalers and retailers around the world. Willem van de Velde foodproducts sells loin-ribs and pork  fillets, both fresh and frozen from Wijnen Meat.

Wijnen Meat = quality

Wijnen Meat equates to quality. “First Quality – Quality First” is their company slogan. The BRC certificate confirms only highest standards apply, additionally many export products go to areas with the highest quality standards. Wijnen Meat is a team of 90 skilled employees who have short and clear lines of communication guaranteeing reliable and excellent service.

Willem van de Velde foodproducts mainly supplies the Wijnen Meat products to (hotel and catering) wholesalers. The products which we supply from this quality brand include:

  • Pork Fillets
  • Loinribs