Proud: IFS Broker certified!

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As you may know, we have been working since 2008 accordance with HACCP standard. In January 2011 we were HACCP certified. This means that Foodproducts has operated according to the highest demands of HACCP for foodbrokers.

Certification has become an increasingly important issue for all in the food supply chain. This is why Willem van de Velde Foodproducts considered converting from HACCP certification into a IFS Broker by the end of 2015, this certification ranking is at an even higher level than HACCP.

Our final audit for the IFS Broker certification was on September 20th, 2016. We are proud to announce that our hard work has paid off, and we have fulfilled the requirements for the IFS Broker certification. Our certification is applicable from September 20th 2016.

You’ll find our certificate after the click

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