About Willem van de Velde

Willem van de Velde - CEO Foodproducts

Willem van de Velde – CEO Foodproducts

In a sector as dynamic as the food sector, it is pleasant to be able to rely on a solid partner. Someone with knowledge of the food world. Affinity with the trade. An eye for quality. Meat supplier Foodproducts is that reliable partner. An authority in the sector.

Food specialist Willem van de Velde

Willem van de Velde trained initially at the butchery school in Nijmegen after which he gained extensive experience working in various sectors such as food engineering, food ingredients and food importation & exportation. After some years working for various well know companies in those sectors in the year 2000 Foodproducts was formed.

Confidence in Willem van de Velde

Making people happy with a good food product is what drives Willem van de Velde. Thanks to his technical knowledge of meat, his experience in the food sector and his enthusiasm for the exciting products that he manages to find everywhere, customers have had confidence in Willem van de Velde for almost twenty years. The suppliers from whom Foodproducts buys also have confidence in him, and many have been partners since he set up his company. Both customers and suppliers value the previously mentioned qualities, as well as the transparency and short lines  of Foodproducts.

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